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Can heart attack symptoms go away?

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After some answers on this topic I created (see here), I am now thinking if heart attack symptoms can go away because I already had some symptoms going on with me and now I am sure. If they are related to heart attack, can they go away? Let me know if heart attack symptoms can go away.

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Typically, heart attack symptoms last longer than a few minutes. They may disappear and reappear, or they may occur intermittently over a period of several hours.

In the majority of cases, symptoms will manifest gradually and cause mild pain or discomfort. Occasionally, however, the symptoms can be severe and abrupt.

Chest pain that persists for several weeks or months is unlikely to be caused by a heart attack or other potentially fatal emergency.

It is critical, however, that people do not wait to see how long the pain will last. They will require emergency treatment for heart attack symptoms.

Nevertheless, the presentation, onset, and duration of the symptoms can vary significantly. Some individuals may notice that their symptoms manifest abruptly, while others notice a gradual onset.