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How a heart attack affects blood pressure?

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So, a heart attack blocks blood flow to some parts of the heart which means there might be a change to the blood pressure? Does blood pressure go low or the opposite or it doesn't get affected at all?

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The force of blood pushing against the inside walls of your arteries as it circulates throughout your body is known as blood pressure. Blood pressure variations are as unpredictable as heart rate changes during a heart attack.

Because blood flow in the heart is obstructed and oxygen-rich blood is denied to a section of heart tissue, your heart may not be able to pump as strongly as it should, reducing your blood pressure.

A heart attack may also cause your parasympathetic nervous system to respond, forcing your heart and the rest of your body to relax rather than fight while your heart tries to keep blood flowing. Blood pressure may also drop as a result of this.

The pain and tension of a heart attack, on the other hand, might boost blood pressure during a heart attack.

Medications that lower blood pressure, such as diuretics or angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, can also help maintain your blood pressure low during a heart attack.